Jordan Scruggs | INDO

Jordan Scruggs (Stage Name “INDO”) is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Baltimore, MD.
In 2009, INDO found his passion for the craft upon reading literature about poetry as well as learning about the culture that is known as Hip-Hop. In 2012, INDO began to produce as well as learn how to mix and master all on his own.
“Mostly knew the stuff I wanted to hear and that made me happy, so I made it” has always been something INDO has stood by. By saying “If it doesn’t make me happy why should I be creating it”. In 2013 INDO emerged on to the scene releasing his very first project entitled “As Told By INDO” as well as multiple projects in the years following.
INDO has an experimental style of rap that is different than the current style in music. “If I don’t experiment then I’ll become just another artist, I got a vision for myself and refuse to subject myself to the social norm”. Fast forward 6 years later he has developed himself into a possible juggernaut in hip-hop and the world and is taking the game by surprise.